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Quarry & Industrial Screen

Quarry & Industrial Screen

Stainless Steel Handles Extreme Challenges

Every Major Wire screen media solution is available in a stainless steel wire option that holds up better against highly abrasive material and protects against severe blinding and clogging problems. By adding 11% or more chromium to steel, a stainless steel alloy becomes non-staining under most conditions that corrode plain steel. In addition, alloys containing chromium and nickel are not magnetic when they are annealed, so material passes through better instead of sticking to the wire. For the most severe applications, we offer two types of stainless steel woven wire:

Type 304: The most common type of stainless steel wire available, it is sometimes referred to as “18-8” (18% chromium, 8% nickel). Type 304 is comparable to high-carbon wire in ductility, wear resistance and tensile strength, withstands outdoor exposure without rusting and resists oxidation at temperatures up to 1,400 degrees F (760° C).

Type 316: It is stabilized by the addition of 2% molybdenum. Like Type 304, Type 316 is an “18-8” alloy, but it has better resistance to pitting and corrosion than Type 304 where brines, sulphur-bearing water or chlorides are present. It also has the valuable property of high creep strength at elevated temperatures.

Major Wire’s stainless steel screen media is available in .025-inch (.63 mm) to .375-inch (9.5 mm) wire diameters.

It is manufactured with a higher carbon and higher manganese content than traditional woven wire, providing more resistance to abrasion and better performance in your application. Its high ductility, hardness and tensile strength make it less susceptible to breaking in high impact conditions and with highly abrasive materials, so it lasts longer and minimizes labor, maintenance and lost production costs.


Benefits Of OptimumWire Woven Wire

·         Provides up to 40% longer wear life when compared to traditional woven wire

·         Allows producers to increase open area and throughput by using a smaller wire diameter without sacrificing wear life

·         Minimizes downtime spent cleaning/replacing screens

·         Manufactured with a stringent wire opening tolerance of + or – 3%

·         Available in the industry’s largest variety of wire diameters from .047 inches (1.2 mm) to .750 inches (19 mm) and opening sizes from .125 inches (3.18 mm) to 5 inches (127 mm)

The weaving process is also crucial. Each screen is woven with an extremely tight tolerance to any type of movement within the crimp or weave, preventing the wires from rubbing against each other and wearing prematurely during use. A tight weave is produced every time, and the tighter the weave, the more durable the woven wire. Also, most large traditional woven wire diameters are made of unprocessed “rod” that varies in diameter throughout its length and creates loose crimping. Larger OptimumWire diameters are manufactured from a true hard-drawn process wire that is consistent throughout, so you get the strongest screen media possible every time you order.


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